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Learn more about the Lotus brand and find the perfect Lotus model for your lifestyle today. Investigate all the first-class brand buying benefits as well as their impressive history. Whether you're interested in the thrilling and sophisticated Lotus Emira, the innovative all-electric Lotus Evija, and the all-new electric Lotus Eletre SUV. Research and review all of Lotus's impressive performance offerings, interior and exterior stylings, and advanced technology. 

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Lotus Ownership Benefits

All new and pre-owned Lotus vehicles feature a timeless and unforgettable presence from the inside out. Every new model also features cutting-edge technology and is hand-built to the highest quality levels by a highly-skilled workforce. Drive with confidence knowing that Lotus's Manufacturers' Warranty gives you up to 3 years of unlimited mileage/Km cover on the car and up to 8 years of cover against perforation on the Lotus DNA designed chassis. New Lotus model benefits also include:

  • Distinct lightweight and aerodynamic stylings
  • Exclusivity, limited build numbers annually
  • Cutting-edge safety and entertainment features
  • Track-ready and inspired performances
  • A welcoming community of avid Lotus enthusiast

Lotus History

Founded in 1952 by Colin Chapman, Lotus stands alone as a brand dedicated to pure drivers' cars. Innovative engineering, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced materials ensure that every Lotus proves the value of achieving performance through lightweight.

Since the beginning, reducing mass has remained the most effective means of achieving a true connection between driver, car, and road - a quality shared by every car to proudly wear the Lotus badge.

Lotus Engineering Company was first set up to continue to build race cars, the first of which is the Mark IV trials car. By 1960, Chapman developed Lotus's first production car, the Elite, which features a lightweight fiberglass body and structure powered by a single-overhead-cam Coventry Climax 1.2-liter engine that could produce up to 102 horsepower.

In 1966 Chapman built Lotus's first mid-engine production car, the Europa, which was supported by a steel backbone frame. Nearly a decade later, in 1976, a new mid-engine Esprit was developed using the Elite's 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. A few years later in 1980, Lotus showcased a new turbocharged Esprit that could produce a jaw-dropping 210 horsepower.

In 1986, General Motors bought a controlling interest in Lotus. Looking to offer a luxury sedan with Lotus's power and handles, Lotus designed the Carlton that offered 377 horsepower and 419 lb-ft of torque. By 1993 General Motors sold Lotus to Italian businessman Romano Artioli, who also owns Bugatti. In 2009 a four-seat, mid-engine Evora was produced with a 276-hp Toyota V-6 engine. 

In the last decade, Lotus has begun producing a new Lotus Emira model with classic looks and cutting-edge interior amenities. That's not all, Lotus is also in the early production phases of two new all-electric rides. On being the exhilarating new Lotus Evija coupe and a new Lotus Eletre which will become Lotus's first SUV! 

Lotus Performance

New and pre-owned Lotus models are known for their breathtaking performance offerings and lightweight build quality. Unleash an exhilarating performance you can feel and choose from a variety of innovative new engine and battery options to get the performance you want. All-new Lotus performance offerings and highlights include:

  • Evora GT 188 mph top speed, 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds, 295 bhp power-to-weight, and 141 lbs aerodynamic downforce.
  • Eletre offers 370 miles of range, up to 160 mph top speed, and 0-60 mph in 2.9 secs.
  • Emira features a 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine that produces 360 horsepower.
  • Sports ratio 6-speed manual transmission and Sports ratio 6-speed automatic transmission.
  • Torsen-type Limited Slip Differential, lightweight aluminum extruded and bonded chassis, and Servo assisted 2-piece cross-drilled and ventilated brake discs with AP Racing four-piston calipers.
  • All-electric Evija is estimated to offer 1254 lb-ft of torque and up to 200 mph top speed, and fast charging.

Lotus Design

Efficient aerodynamics have been at the heart of every Lotus since the very beginning. Built using the latest lightweight and durable materials that help you get the best drag by generating significant downforce to generate outstanding performance and exceptional grip at all speeds. Additional interior and exterior design details include:

  • Evora GT offers available Black Pack and available Extended Carbon Pack.
  • Evora GT offers tan or black leather while the Emira will offer black, red, tan, or icy leather.
  • Evora GT features carbon-fiber front seats, a 6-way driver seat, available Alcantara Simulated Suede Door Trim Insert, and Power Cargo Access.
  • Emira features a sculpted section cut into the door that leads airflow towards the intake and C-shaped LED.
  • The prototype Evija will offer a slew of vibrant colors from venom green and dark amethyst to solar flare and Solaris yellow.

Lotus Technology

Every new Lotus model comes loaded with all the latest entertainment and safety technology. Experience unmatched immersive entertainment and connectivity every time you take command of a new Lotus model. Experience unmatched peace of mind and driving confidence knowing Lotus has your back. All new Lotus advanced technology offerings include:

  • Navigation system, Standard Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.
  • Available backup camera, parking sensors/assist, and side-impact airbags.
  • Evora GT features a 7″ Touch-Screen Infotainment System with an Alpine audio unit.
  • Emira features a 10.25-inch centrally mounted touchscreen, with an additional 12.3-inch driver display behind the steering wheel. 
  • Emira features KEF speakers, to bring you a hyper-realistic sound experience utilizing Uni-Q™ technology for the first time in a production car.
  • Stowage area beneath the Emira's armrest between the seats offers USB and 12

Lotus Evija Comparison

2023 Lotus Evija vs the 2023 Rimac C Two and the 2023 Pininfarina Battista

2023 Lotus Evija

Horsepower: 1,970
Curb Weight: 3,704 lbs
Ground Clearance: 4.1 in
F1 Drag Reduction System: Standard

2023 Rimac C Two

Horsepower: 1,915
Curb Weight: 4,300 lbs
Ground Clearance: 3.2 in
F1 Drag Reduction System: Not Available

2023 Pininfarina Battista

Horsepower: 1,877
Curb Weight: 4,550 lbs
Ground Clearance: 3.2 in
F1 Drag Reduction System: Not Available

The highly anticipated new 2023 Lotus Evija triumphs over the competition, offering more standard power and performance options for less. Lap the new 2023 Rimac C Two and 2023 Pininfarina Battista with the 2023 Lotus Evija's unreal 1,970 horsepower delivered through 4 powerful electric motors. And at just 3,704 lbs, the new 2023 Lotus Evija is expected to be the lightest EV hypercar ever to enter production! So don't settle, unleash the unmatched performance of the thrilling new 2023 Lotus Evija today

Lotus FAQs

Lotus Cars Limited was founded in 1952.
Colin Chapman was the original founder of Lotus Cars Limited.
Lotus Cars Limited’s headquarters are in Norfolk, England.
Lotus’s Manufacturers’ Warranty gives you up to 3 years of unlimited mileage/Km cover on the car and up to 8 years of cover against perforation on the Lotus DNA-designed chassis.
The all-new Lotus Eletre is expected to offer 370 miles of range.
The Lotus Emira features a 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine that produces 360 horsepower.
The new Lotus Evija is expected to offer 1,970 horsepower delivered through 4 powerful electric motors.
The new Lotus Evija is expected to weigh 3,704 lbs.